I sacrifice to the Chicken Lord

Natalie, twenty-two, England.

Girl Gamer. Zombie Slayer. Cosplayer.

TV: Supernatural, Doctor Who, New Girl & Big Bang Theory.
Films: Avengers, Fight Club & 500 Days of Summer.
iPod: Muse, Pink & Example.
Kindle: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter & Hunger Games.
Guys: Hugh Dancy, Jared Padalecki & Tom Hiddleston +
Girls: Emma Stone, Zooey Deschanel & Scarlett Johansson +

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dead at the cornucopia

21. April 2014




Stage 1: Those who leave as soon as the movie ends

Stage 2: Those who know to stay until the credits for the extra scene

Stage 3: Those who stay until the end of the credits for the second extra scene

I’m a stage three. 

We all are

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i’m not even sorry